Wacky toys for parrots and birds

Hand made toys with love bird safe heavy duty stainless steel chain , heavy duty stainless steel wire ,coconut fiber rope, manzanita wood,untreated pine, our toys will surly keep your babies busy  and happy for a long time hide there favorite treats in some of these toys so they can forage for them like they would in the wild type wacky in the code to help a rescue https://www.ftbrescue.com/visit_us

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in sturdy toys for the big beaks heavy duty stainless steel chain is a must when it comes to big beaks  manzanita wood  is a very hard wood to keep your birds beaks in shape and trimmed  untreated pine keeps them very busy we specialize in small toys also we have everything you need for any size bird   I make each and every toy to perfection with love and compassion we started to make toys when  we loss  miss lulu she was my everything she would help us with the toys she was my blue and gold macaw who passed away from surgery  she would sit on my arm holding a little block until I need it stuff like that ,so this is why I called my toy page wacky cause I always told lulu she was a wacky girl I do not charge for making them cause we enjoy making toys we have 7 macaws and two greys . I give a 5% discount cause the 5% goes towards rescue that I choose that are in need .this our passion in helping others and birds in need .

Great toys happy birds 💖

In memory of my beloved LULU 

Mike Hein

About Us

Mike Hein

www.artycartoons.com and the link to my page Arty Cartoons ☺️ Great pictures of cartoon birds and other animals

I have 7 macaws a 2 greys 2 amazons I started to make toys in memory of my wife’s lulu a blue and gold she passed away from being egg bound well any how lulu would always say wacky so that’s where the name came from I know what kind of toys to make from having birds I use all safe materials. For any size bird . Enrichment is very important for your feathered babies it keeps them busy and happy hiding treats is a must they can forage like they would out in the wild